Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tanjoubi 2010

I look forward to my mama's traditional Taiwanese birthday meal every year. Long, thin noodles in braised pigfoot sauce with scallions (representing long life) & braised pigfoot (supergood for youthful skin elasticity).

Everyone at the table traditionally peel cooked eggs for the birthday gal / guy.

Everything else has nothing to do with my birthday, just some simple, delicious, home cooked items. She also ordered 2 dishes from House of Emperor...guess she really wanted to get some oysters for Bobcat. ALL of this was only for 3 people (mom, bobcat, myself). We were stuffed... with LOTS of leftovers.

Pan-fried fish:

Catered - crispy chicken (House of Emperor)

Catered - oysters (House of Emperor) -

Mom's miso soup with salmon head:

I never want to get cake for my birthday, but my dad insisted this year. Mom picked out a pretty good cake from a Korean bakery:

Mom bought golf stuff for me this year. These gifts were from Bob's mom...I just love her pretty way of wrapping gifts:
July 4th fireworks this year:

Random pretty clouds:

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