Friday, July 30, 2010

Green Zebra

After a fond experience at Spring, I was curious about Green Zebra & Custom House....especially G.Z. for the vegetarian menu. I wondered what innovative creations chef Shawn McClain would have for vegetables (which I do love...) So when I saw a groupon for G.Z., I got it right away...

unappetizing amuse & unimpressive bread service:
Bobcat didn't want cold soup, so we tried their onion soup. Even though there obviously wouldn't be beef stock based, it was filled with intense, delicious flavor. Meat-like.
Trio of Onion Soup, Vidalia onion, grilled ramps, leeks, sherry 8

I'm not sure if it's because I wasn't very hungry by the time we got there... or because there's only so much you can do with vegetables...the rest of the meal wasn't very impressive. It all tasted decent, but there weren't anything I'd rave about nor go back for. The scallops were especially boring.

Fresh Burrata Cheese, roasted asparagus, romesco, almonds, olives 10.5
Potato & Spring Garlic Dumplings, roasted garlic, aioli, smoked paprika 12

Slow Roasted Shittake Mushrooms, crispy potato, savoy cabbage 12

Creamed Spinach Filled Crepe, oyster mushrooms, confit artichoke, parmesan 14

Maine Sea Scallops, braised wild mushrooms, yukon potatoes, hibiscus 17

The only thing wonderful about this experience is that I'm glad we finally used up our groupon. I highly doubt we'd ever return.

Green Zebra
1460 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642-5587
(312) 243-7100

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