Friday, July 30, 2010

International Mall - Oriental Food House

I've heard a lot about the International Mall food court, especially the 油條, or fried cruellers over the weekend. But we've never stopped by. My parents haven't even been going...actually, I vaguely remember EVER going there, even when we were kids.

Anyway, Bobcat & I decided to check it out one afternoon. We tried the poorly named "Oriental Food House" -- 988台灣小吃 (translated as Taiwan small eats (this term describes authentic Taiwanese street vendor / food stall--one of the most famous specialties of Taiwan)

Bobcat wanted the beef noodle soup. I requested "spicy", which ended up being too spicy. Flavorful, deep broth. Tender chunks of meat.

I wanted the oyster pancake. Lots of veggies. Pretty good consistency. The only thing I have to complain about is freshness of the oysters...but what can you really expect from a food court in Chicago. I'd go back for this just to kill off a bit of my 'Taiwan small eats' cravings...
They also have糯米腸sweet rice stuffed intestine, 豬腸緬線 pork intestine thin noodles, 肉圓pork/veggie giant dumpling... I can't wait to go back to stuff my face.

665 Pasquinelli Drive
Westmont, IL 60559

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