Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NYC 2008: Otto Restaurant Enoteca Pizzeria

This intimate & dim Italian pizzeria, modeled after an Italian train station is owned by Mario Batali, Joseph Bastianich, and Mark Ladner (also chef).

Despite the crazy crowd of people waiting for a table, this
turned out to be quite a treat.
The web site said reservations are taken for up to 10 people, but when I called – she said only a 6pm or 10pm reservation was open… and suggested to come and just wait.

While waiting, we enjoyed some delicious martinis, so I’m not complaining – they give you a little ‘pass’ that indicates the ‘train stop’. Once you see your stop on their little board, it’s your turn to eat!

Between the four of us, we shared:

Olives ($4/$9)
(Gaeta, Sicilian, Alfonso) - typical olives

Artichokes "alla Romana" - with cheese and onions

– I love Italian style thin crust pizza with these freshly wonderful ingredients. I’ve never met anyone that hated prosciutto – it’s one of my favorite meats. On pizza with arugula? Delish!

was interestingly unique. I prefer tomato-based pizzas but I have a softspot for clams…mmm. The combination of that salty sea flavor from the clams, tender meat, and white wine made this a delicious treat.

We also tried a pasta and two desserts but by this time I had 2 martinis and a limoncello on the rocks, so I barely recall. oops. This is one thing I strive to refrain from doing, but whether it was because I was with good company, on vacation, or it being a Friday night -- I failed. But here are photos. (you can tell I was tipsy from the blurriness of these photos...)

As much as I enjoyed the experience, and love Italian thin crust pizzas, my memory of Lombardi's stood out more. Although, I would be interested in trying another Batali restaurant, especially pasta and pigs -- apparently what he's famous for.

Otto Restaurant Enoteca Pizzeria
1 5th Ave
(between 8th St & Washington Mews)
(212) 995-9559


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