Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Maui 2008: Ba-Le Sandwich Shop

Ba-Le Sandwich Shop

Fast food Vietnamese in little strip malls. The location we went to was a part of a food court -- you'd order at the counter and pick it up within 5 minutes.

I meant to get the 'Spring rolls' wrapped in rice paper, not the deep fried ones... but I guess they refer to those as "Summer rolls".. oops.

The good news is, these turned out to be quite delicious! They were surprisingly crispy and flavorful rolls, plated with lettuce, cucumbers, mint, noodles, for you to grab together and dip into nuoc mam – very tasty, fresh, delicious

Pho Tai – good broth, noodles with great consistency, tender beef, and fresh ingredients. SO MUCH better than the other restaurant we visited in Maui (see previous blog)

Since it's called "Ba-le sandwich shop", I decided to also choose a sandwich from their HUGE selection. Since we don't have this in Chicago, I ordered 'Steamed pork and pate sandwich' – bad mistake. The bread was overly chewy, and didn't seem fresh. Steamed pork turned out to be a fishcake –like product that tasted artificial. Dipping it into nuoc mam made it taste better, but that sauce didn’t come with the sandwich (I used the sauce that came with spring rolls)

Here's Bob holding the sandwich with his skeptical look. You can see the counter behind him with photos that went with their popular dishes.

Ba-le Sandwich Shop
270 Dairy Road in the Maui Marketplace
Kahului, HI 96732
(808) 877-2400

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