Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Maui 2008: Koiso Sushi Bar

I am terribly slow at keeping up with updates -- since I recently came back from NYC, I figured I should finish up my Maui reviews...

This is probably the first place that comes to mind when someone asked me about restaurants in Maui. I LOVE sushi, and was so thankful God dragged my hungover ass over to Koiso Sushi because it's one of my TOP THREE Sushi Restaurants in U.S. thus far. It's an incredibly tiny shack that only fits 1 sushi bar and 1 table (for 4). A waitress/hostess takes your drink order, and processes your payment. The Owner / sushi chef takes your order after he finishes with the dishes for other customers that came before you. His skills are exceptional as he whips up dish after dish while having conversations with his guests (most of which are local regulars that calls him by his first name, some of which makes a quick reservation with him as they leave). A whiteboard behind the sushi bar is the daily special (and also the only menu of the restaurant for customers to choose from).

Very nice variety of fresh fish (toro, big toro, medium toro – all of which fatty, fresh, and delicious). Homemade tamagoyaki (egg) was one of the best I’ve ever had (my husband teases me about eating this because it’s generally for little kids, but I LOVE eggs, so I always love to try this at restaurants, especially if they’re homemade). They also had 'monkfish liver', which I always try to order since it's rarer to run into. I never found one I enjoyed more than Echigo Sushi in L.A. (even though I don't like the rest of their sushi).

After 13 nigiri (or so...including tako, sake, aji, saba, hotategai, etc),
I wanted more…but I overheard the chef mentioning that he's getting tired during this busy night, and saw more customers trying to come in – so I decided to be kind to this excellent chef and give him a break.

This is a Must return.

Koiso Sushi Bar
2395 S Kihei Road Ste 113 (in Dolphin Plaza)

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