Monday, February 14, 2011

International Mall

Like other Taiwanese and/or Chinese kids, I grew up accompanying my mother to Diho market, stopping by International Mall to pick up rental videos, and occasionally stopping by for a chow. I haven't been back in ages... just for dim sum next door 3-4 times / year. But when I recently found out there's a Taiwanese restaurant that serves some street food I miss, I decided to check it out. I enjoyed everything the first time I visited, and really wanted to go back for more. Two weekends ago, we did.. and it just wasn't the same.

Oyster Pancake -- It's nice to fulfill my craving partially, but this was overly greasy. I wonder if I can tell them to be lighter on grease...
Even though there's actually a vietnamese stall next door, I persuaded my poor hubby to try pho at this establishment (convenience). It didn't taste like traditional pho AT ALL. The accompanying veggies looked dry. never again.
Another one of my favorite street food.. 'ba wan' or 'meat ball' (direct translation). I love the chewy texture & flavorful meat w/ bamboo shoot center. This one was just ok... there was something off.
Hubby's pho came with a smoothie, so I ordered papaya. Kinda overly sweet, and just ok.
Sadly, I am desperate for these Taiwanese items that I cannot get anywhere else in Chicago, so I will most likely return to try them again (as well as other items). Hopefully they'll make some improvements before my next visit.

International Mall
665 Pasquinelli Drive
Westmont, IL 60559

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