Monday, February 14, 2011

Chi Cafe

I have yet to find a late-night Chinatown destination. We've tried a couple of places, but nothing made us want to go back for more. Chi Cafe is no different, but my mom's friend once recommended it. Plus, a random Chinese blog said to order from their "house specials". So I did.

The hubby didn't want to follow my suggestion, so he went with this:

Baby Clam with black bean sauce $9.95
These clams were huge, and the flavors were pretty darn good. We completely cleared the plate!

From the "house special", I chose:

Chives & Bean Curd with Cuttle Fish Roll $8.95
A little salty, but flavorful, with a nice crunch from the fresh chives. We liked it!

I think the problem was, we always chose from their soup noodles, or soup...because it's soothing to drink soup before going to bed, AND it seemed like it'd be less calories (who knows). But apparently, their other dishes are bigger standouts.

The Chinese blog also recommended their desserts, smoked duck, shredded chicken, etc. (菜单里“大江南北巧手小菜”一列的菜式都颇为可口,茶餐厅小吃与各式甜点也不错。熏鸭,手撕鸡,韭黄虾仁滑蛋,牛腩蒸肠粉,芒果西米露)

We may need to revisit again the next time we're out...

Chi Cafe 旺角小廚
2160-A S Archer Ave
Chicago, IL 60616
Neighborhood: Chinatown
(312) 842-9993

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