Monday, April 18, 2011

Yokohama Japanese Restaurant

Yokohama is seriously our go-to place in the burbs. They have a pretty extensive menu too...we still manage to try new dishes, even though we've been going for so many years...

saba, my hubby's favorite fish:

Chirashi -- something we never order, but I saw another table order it, and thought it looked delicious (which, it really was):
love the bento container:
I think we like the idea of chirashi, because you can eat as much or as little sushi rice as you want with each piece of sashimi. The only thing is, there's rumors that certain restaurants would serve the "scraps" for chirashi. I don't think Yokohama did, just look at how fresh and beautiful each thick slice is.

Yakitori (shio) -- We strongly prefer "salt" over tare (teriyaki)

One of my most beloved sushi...or even just food in general... uni!!
I've always appreciated the crunchiness & chewiness of octopus. I believe this is lightly tossed witih sesame oil & salt, sprinkled with dried seaweed

the hubby really loved this buttery squid dish:

Yokohama Japanese Restaurant
13 E Burlington Ave.
Westmont, IL 60559

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