Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Labriola Bakery & Cafe

We had an early appointment in Oak Brook one day, so I used "tastespotting" afterwards, and found Labriola Bakery & Cafe.

It's like Corner Bakery, but bigger and much better. Order, put the number given to you at your table, and the food is brought over to you. They have a pizza oven, gelato selection, dessert cafe, various breads, coffee, lunch/dinner. The place screamed, "GET EXCITED!"

We ordered homemade ricotta gnocchi in creamy tomato sauce (a bit too creamy for me, but pretty good) and eggs benedict. I am not a dessert fan, but I ended up picking up a couple selections to try at home. Everything turned out to be pretty good, and I can't wait to go back!

Labriola Bakery & Cafe
OakBrook Promenade
3021 Butterfield Rd

Oak Brook, IL 60521
(630) 574-2008

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