Monday, March 31, 2008

Maui 2008: Makena Clubhouse

There's something about having a drink and grabbing a bite to eat at the clubhouse after a round of golf, especially when the view is scenic, and you can watch other players drive off their tee! Since our tee time was at 9:30am, it was around 1-2pm by the end of our round, which was too late for a big lunch. So we decided to eat at the clubhouse for both rounds, sharing an appetizer and entree so we wouldn't be too stuffed for dinner.

On our first visit, our waiter seemed very excited about their mai tais, claimed that it's the BEST anywhere, so I had to give it a try. Honestly, I did not think there'd be much of a difference, but there really was-- this drink was GOOD. (and I'm not even into sugary drinks) Just enough stiffness, not too artificial / sugary, and very refreshing.

We shared the Island Style Sashimi - Thin slices of fresh Hawaiian Ahi (tuna)

Usually we would never order sashimi at a non-Japanese restaurant, but it was towards the beginning of our trip, we were in Hawaii, and CRAVING raw fish, so we did it. Not impressive, but not bad either. For some reason ginger / wasabi / raw fish is quite delish after golfing.

For our entree, we shared the Ahi sandwich (I know, Ahi again...). This was seared perfectly, mounded with a big chunk of onion, tomato, on a nice foccacia bun -- very tasty! The fries were freshly crisp on the outside, soft and hot inside. good dish!

For our second visit, we decided to try these Shrimp / Avocado Spring Rolls (they might've called in Summer rolls, I'm not sure). It's definitely something I can easily imitate at home, and not even close to being authentic in any way, but it was fresh and sauce was tangy. Would I order it again at around $12 a dish? Probably not.

Okay, I seriously seem like a westerner by now, but yes -- we shared an asian wonton noodles dish (yes, we are still at the clubhouse). It's only because my dad ordered it a couple days prior and said it was good! (not that I trust my dad's taste)

Surprisingly, the broth was quite good. The ingredients are definitely on the non-authentic side, but it was overall soothing and tasty.

I might return for the excellent view, nice atmosphere, convenience (if I golf at Makena) and mai tai, but the food wasn't impressive enough for the price tag.

5400 Makena Alanui
Makena, Hawaii 96753
TEL 808-874-1111

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