Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day Dessert

I absolutely despised how far west my work is located until I started to discover delicious places such as a little cafe called Cocoa Bean.

The first time I was introduced to their dessert was when my friend G brought back a little cake after taking my coworkers out to eat (it was my birthday). I was pleasantly surprised by both the cake and the thoughtful gesture. Their little desserts are creatively fancy and deliciously moist. I'm a bigger fan of the japanese-style melt-in-your-mouth desserts than the thicker western-style desserts. The cakes at Cocoa Bean fit my criteria, so I had to return for some dessert in time for V day.

They package their desserts in a nice little box:

For V day, I chose their Frangipan Individual- Seasonal fruit (pear in our case) baked in almond filling. Fresh, the right amount of sweetness, crust was chewy and crumbly. I also got their Mirabella Individual- White chocolate lemon mousse with alternating layers of vanilla crème brûlée with white cake. The lemon mousse was lightly tarted, providing a nice contrast to the sweet crème brûlée. ($3.95/piece)

After a little research on this place, I found out they're famous for making one of the best croissants in Chicagoland. I bought two for my friend, and two for my mom--they both thought it was delicious, so I have yet to try them one day. My brother and I had their paninis for lunch and I absolutely adored them...will have to return and take pix for another post.

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