Friday, February 15, 2008

Best Ribs I've EVER Tasted (much better than anything at Naperville Ribfest!)

I remember that special night 5 years ago, when I channel-surfed at my mom's house and discovered a treasure... review on Corky's BBQ of Memphis, TN. Phrases such as "uses top choice meats", "cooked in low temperatures for 7 hours", and "fall off the bone tenderness" caught my attention, and I placed an order on immediately.

Corky's ribs exceeded my expectations, and I couldn't stop raving about them ever since.

They're super simple to heat up, but you MUST watch the clock. My mom tends to put it in the oven and forget about it, resulting in much tougher ribs (aka a waste of my money).

They come in individual boxes. Defrost them overnight (no more than 24 hours), take it out of the plastic bag, and smother their perfectly sweet & tangy sauce onto the luscious ribs:

After 35-40 mins in 350 degrees preheated oven, delightful, mouth-watering ribs await your attack:

Knives are not needed -- stick a fork b/w the bones and be astonished by the tenderness of the meat...

Add some baked beans, mac n cheese, salad, and/or veggies and you got yourself a Southern Meal! (My baked beans last night was simple and tasty -- sauté garlic, onions, canadian bacon (a lower fat option)...add tomato sauce, dark beer, balsamic vinegar, salt/pepper, brown sugar, and dijon mustard...mix in drained beans, and bake for 15 minutes (depending on how soft you want your beans).

Their cheapest package:
Ribs Ribs Ribs $81.99 - 2 Slabs of Ribs, 1 Bottle Bar-B-Que Sauce, 1 Bottle Rib Seasoning
Price includes FedEx 2-day delivery
Additional Slab: $18.99 (you cannot purchase by slabs, can only add on to packages)

Tip: If you are not in a hurry to try out these ribs, sign up for their mailing list, and wait for their special deals. I believe it's 2-3 times a year (around the holidays, of course) when they'd email coupon codes for free slabs with package orders.

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