Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Works

For the past couple years, I've heard about The Works, a delicious grease joint in Glenview. It was raved as the absolute best gyros in Chicagoland area.

With much excitement and anticipation, we decided to check it out after a round of golf.

Gyros - I appreciated the flavor of the meat, that it was slightly crispy yet tender. The bread was fresh and soft too, but perhaps slightly too thick. Overall, the gyros was good.

Cheese Fries - I don't see what's so amazing about these fries. It's typical fries found in a high school lunch room, with melted cheese on top. By far, Portillo's cheese fries are far superior.

Pizza Puff - This was so greasy I had an instant heartburn, my face feels itchy just thinking about it. Flavor was delicious, with slightly chewy interior, but I will never get this again.

In fact, I probably won't be stopping by this joint...ever.

The Works
2676 Golf Rd
Glenview, IL 60025-4744
(847) 724-0616

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