Friday, May 16, 2008

Bien Trucha

I've been meaning to do some serious exploring in Geneva, IL, since it's so close to my work, but haven't had much opportunity to since the boss lady's happier when I'm here during lunches (obviously). A couple weeks ago, my brother asked me if I wanted to do lunch out of nowhere, so I figured it'd be a good opportunity to check out Bien Trucha (found 'ravings' online). Located next to a shabby clothing store, this little restaurant is easily miss-able. We arrived for lunch around 12:20, and there was already a line of 2 parties ahead of us. We put our name down and waited approximately 15 minutes before we were seated. The space is one of the smallest I've ever seen, with simple / cute decor and plating, including water served in deep blue bottles instead of pitchers.

Fried chips were given to us immediately with warm bean dip instead of traditional salsa. It's smooth and tasty, but I personally prefer traditional fresh tomatoes salsa.

My brother and I shared their ceviche, chicken-based soup, and Bien Trucha taco. Their ceviche was overly citrusy, but still fresh, served in a martini glass with arugula tossed in olive oil & chips. Chicken-based soup was intensely flavorful, soothing, and delicious. Bien Trucha taco features grilled skirt steak topped with homemade chorizo, Manchego cheese, and Serrano chili salsa. All the flavors were intense and blended with perfection, and steak was perfectly tender. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me, but I did find a picture online, I think on Chicagomag?

Excited that they hand-mash fresh fruit margaritas, I asked the hubby and gal pal to join us the following week for a Thursday night dinner.

Between the 4 of us, we shared the following:

guacamole of the day - sprinkled with small watermelon chunks, adding a perfect sweetness to the usual guacamole blend. I'm definitely trying this at home over the summer.

chorizo cazualita - a crock of melted cheese with homemade chorizo, served with 4 small fresh tortillas so we can make our own wraps. The flavor was SO GOOD, wrap tasted homemade and fresh... this dish gave my taste buds an explosive surprise, so intense that I wondered, "is this really that good or am I drunk?" My friend took photos with her iphone:

Speaking of drinks, I ordered their hibiscus flower margarita, brother went with strawberry (later, a traditional), husband went with a lime variety (later, cucumber). All of the margaritas were on the rocks, very fresh, and perfectly stiff.

next came the shrimp tacos in a sweet & tangy chili sauce with avocado. fresh, crisp, tasty, but not as delicious as other dishes. I forgot to bring my camera on both occasions but I did find a photo online:

"pescado" tacos (fried tilapia with cabbage slaw). Tasty, and breading was nice and crispy, but I felt the batter was a bit too much, overpowering the tender fish. I appreciate the crunchy texture next to the soft fish and tortilla, but I still prefer grilled fish tacos. (4 small tacos / order)
Next, we tried the steak tortas, which was my favorite (tied with cazualita) of the evening! Again, perfectly seasoned & grilled skirt steak with melted cheese & roasted jalepeno pepper!

Lastly, the portobello mushrooms tortas - small chunks with onions & peppers (i believe?) The mushrooms made the bread a bit too moist, and it's a mess to eat. They use soft italian bread for both tortas which is much more elegant than the usual hamburger-like buns. I loved the crispy texture and how soft the breading was inside.

I can't wait to go back! As hubby described in an email this morning, "i still can't get over how good last nite dinner was. everything was soo good. im burping up some good stuff. lol."

(note: including tip, it was around $30/person)

Bien Trucha
410 W State St
Geneva, IL 60134
(630) 232-2665

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